We’ve all witnessed the huge rise in the popularity Christian t-shirts in the Wahm business industry.. We have been impressed by not only the quality of the designs but by the countless variety of different messages that all point to Jesus. Gone are the days when Christian tees were merely a souvenir from vacation Bible school, ministry conference or church camp. camp.

Now that summer is finally upon us, it’s time for fun, sun and faith. Christian t-shirts for witnessing for both men and women serve as a great purpose as they represent a powerful avenue for expressing your faith. Wearing Gospel inspired messages is not only a way to inspire you to a higher level of conduct in your daily life, but is one of the most impactful ways to carry out the great commission. They are great conversation starters with those around you. If you or your church are using Christian shirts are an evangelistic tool, your missing out on a great outreach opportunity.

King of Kings Christian T-Shirts
Cute Christian T-Shirts

There are two main things to consider when selling women’s Christian apparel for your WAHM business. First and foremost, the t-shirt should feel comfortable. You are not going to wear something that doesn’t fit you properly. So, be sure to check out the material prior to purchasing your shirts. Secondly, you want to look for designs that are great attention grabbers. Parodies based on popular brands such as FED EX or Dunkin Donuts have proved hugely successful for brands such as Kerusso additional Things to Consider When Shopping for Christian Apparel

There are many different Christian t-shirts shop that sell faith apparel for work at home moms. Each has its own unique target audience. In additional, sites such as Elly and Grace which are geared towards women allow customization for youth group or special church events.

Another fact to consider if the size of the shirt. Sizes will vary depending on the design and company selling the tees. If you aren’t sure about your size, be sure to check out their sizing chart. If you’re buying for others, be sure to find out their size prior to purchasing your shirt to avoid wasting time and money.

Finally, you have to consider the cost. Most tees at Walmart start for less than $20 which is affordable for most budgets.