I love football

The best game in the world

People ask me why I love football? It is easy because this is more than an amazing game. Indeed a match is not only score goals. There is much more. For this reason I create this blog, in order to share my passion with the rest of the world.

In fact, I was shocked when I wen to the stadium Old Trafford. As you certainly know, Manchester United is my love since I was 5.

I had a great dinner today, alongside another coach, watching Man Utd destroy Stoke City Football Club 5-0. I recommend that everyone try calling a time out from work and doing something that normally does not belong in a workday.

Consequently my family and my friends accept this hobby. When I saw David Bechkam during a training, I was very excited and I asked him an autograph.

Anyway Paul Scholes is my idol because he is wonderful and Mr. Ferguson love him too.

At any rate, current days are not so easy: the Manchester United’s record this season did Moyes in 8th place in Premier League.

Consequently it means that we won’t be among the top teams that automatically qualify for prestigious UEFA Champions League competition next season. In my opinion that is unacceptable because we won this trophy in the past.


Football are emotions

Furthermore I love football because it gives me indescribable emotions, even if sport is only an industry now.

In fact, seeing the Yahoo logo on a Manchester United jersey is not pretty cool an, but it is a great exposure for either search engine in the UK.

However, I do believe that Manchester fans would rather see David Beckham back in a United jersey, regardless of their new sponsor.

To sum up football, Manchester United and Old Trafford are my new family; a family that I will love forever.